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Bailey Vaughn, KTEN Denison, welcomed Motina Books, Award-Winning Poet Ron Wallace, and Taylor Batton, owner of Sundrop Books in Durant, Oklahoma. 

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Bailey Vaughn, KTEN Denison, interviews Diane Windsor about the upcoming 2023 Texas Book Festival in Austin. The sourdough bread is just for fun!

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Essay by Diane Windsor in NextAvenue.org, a PBS publication. 

My Husband Looks 20 Years Younger Than I Do…and I’m Okay with That!

Bailey Vaughn, KTEN, and Diane Windsor discuss Hunter’s Tall Tales and Disability Pride Month.

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Bailey Vaughn, from KTEN Denison, Texas, interviewed publisher Diane Windsor of Motina Books.

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Motina Books was featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine in November, 2022.

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