30 True Stories of Trailblazers, Artists, Athletes, and Adventurers with Disabilities

Throughout history, people with disabilities have been trailblazing and breaking down barriers. We want to tell you about these people. We want their stories to be told for generations to come.

A shark attack survivor who surfs with a prosthetic leg. A wheelchair user makes history on a Broadway stage. An artist who paints with his foot, a gold-winning sled hockey team, and an explorer who kayaks and climbs without being able to see.

In Represent! Volume 1, you will meet thirty people with disabilities who are pursuing their dreams, doing what they love, and proudly representing their community. Captivating illustrations will come alive as you read each story and discover what the human spirit is capable of.

Publisher: Motina Books
Reviews:-Mary Mecham Advocates for Disability Inclusion in Literature, President wrote:

Represent! is a refreshing breath of air that shows the determined, indomitable spirit of those in the disability community. Expectations are shattered and limitations fade as children discover stories of those athletes, artists, and activists who refused to let their diagnosis dissuade them from achieving greatness.

-Annette Bay Pimentel, author of All the Way to the Top wrote:

I enjoyed reading the brief bios of fascinating people pushing against society's limiting definitions of disability as they follow their dreams.

-Jack Wallace US Sled Hockey Paralympian wrote:

´╗┐Mastaler introduces disabilities to children in a way that breaks down barriers... Represent! Vol. 1 helps kids see the people in the story and how the lessons learned by them can be helpful to everyone.

-Maryann Cocca-Leffler Disability Rights Advocate/ Author/ Illustrator Fighting for YES! The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann We Want to Go To School! The Fight for Disability Rights wrote:

A well-researched anthology of diverse biographies which celebrates persons with disabilities. These powerful stories of strength, persistence and resiliency will inspire everyone to follow their dreams.

Represent! Volume One

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