Book Cover: Before Shannon Died
Publisher: Motina Books
Cover Artists:

No family is perfect...

not even the wealthy and influential Gradys. Shadows from the past have long haunted youngest daughter Shannon, whose very presence within the home aroused long-lived jealousy and resentment. Plagued by the demons of mental illness, she longs for love and acceptance, but does not receive it--the ultra-religious Gradys believe her risky impulses and dark, debilitating depression are sin, not illness.

When Shannon looks into her own forgotten past, she faces those terrifying shadows and awakens memories long suppressed. Bit by bit, she peels away the strata, exposing secrets that can lay waste to her family and the town it controls.

Her untimely death surprises no one except her friend, Evie Kendall. Confused and full of questions, Evie leaves no stone unturned as she delves into Shannon’s dark and hidden history.

Before Shannon Died

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