How People Get Their Politics – Paperback


Let’s Put Humanity Back Into Politics

American citizens are politically divided today like no other time in recent history. We are fighting with our neighbors, our friends, and our family members.

In How People Get Their Politics – Conversations with Americans About the Experiences that Shaped Their Political Beliefs author Julie Samrick talks with sixteen Americans to delve into their lives and backgrounds, and discuss what happened in their childhoods that formed their political opinions.

During these conversations, Julie talks with:

  • Immigrants
  • War veterans
  • Cancer survivors
  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Independents

The ages of the interviewees range from early twenties to over eighty.They all provide personal and candid interviews that are filled with emotion.

Instead of fighting about politics, we should be asking, “How did my friend, my neighbor, my family member, my co-worker, my acquaintance on Facebook, form this opinion? I should have a conversation with this person and get to know them better.”

Julie’s goal is to bring the humanity back into politics. Our country should be united and accepting of one another and not so deeply divided.


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