Book Cover: Answering The Call

It’s never too late to have the adventure of a lifetime

With her 70th birthday looming, Lauren Hillard is constantly thinking that there has to be an easier way. She has long felt that her family has simply stowed her away like a precious heirloom. She’s had it – she is done.

Lauren makes the snap decision to quit managing her daughter’s psychotherapist office and answer the call to adventure. It is a risk, she knows. But a risk she is more than willing to take.

She would move to Mexico – it’s affordable and exotic. Exotic, like the much younger David Escobar, attorney/former criminal, who informs her that a woman must be brave, smart, and very impulsive to get herself into as much danger as she has.

Lauren has to ask herself if it is wise to continue to answer calls from a treacherous family member who wants to have her committed, a ruthless organ harvester, and her captivating, but high-risk, attorney.

Publisher: Motina Books
Answering The Call

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