Book Cover: STUCK

Fans of John Green will love STUCK

Cassidy was stuck between her family and her beliefs.

Cassidy and Angie have been best friends since they met on the school playground in Kindergarten. Now in their junior year of high school, they’re having fun and thinking about the future. Angie is super-excited to go to college, and she's pretty sure she'll be getting a scholarship.

Then, tragically, Angie is diagnosed with leukemia. Cassidy vows to be by her side for every chemo treatment - until she is cured. But on Thanksgiving Day, Cassidy notices a tickle in her throat. That tickle is the harbinger of a tragedy that Cassidy never expects and causes her to question everything she was taught was the truth.

Edgy and courageous, STUCK will have you in tears one moment and rooting for the brave young women the next. Keep your mind and your heart open – you may need to think in ways you’re not used to. But you’ll be sure to encourage our young protagonists as they meet sadness and heartbreak with dignity and grace.


Publisher: Motina Books

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