Want to read our latest releases? For free?

Do you love to read?  Even better, do you love to read free books? We would love to send you our new releases, even before they’re released!  Motina Books is putting together a small Advanced Reader Team for all of our new releases, and we are looking for candidates who are interested in reviewing.  Please sign up only if you have the time, and are willing to make this commitment, which is very important to us!!

The next early release available to you is……

Murphy’s Miracle – One Dog’s Wild Journey

Team members will be sent PDF copies of ARC’s, or Advanced Reader Copies, in exchange for HONEST reviews on soon-to-be-released works. One of the reasons we specify an honest review is that not every work is suitable for every reader. We want potential readers to be able to see if they’d genuinely like the book. Reviews can be as long as you like, but I believe a minimum of twenty words is required at both Amazon and Goodreads.

We are looking for 30 advance readers for the team.  Reviewers will be chosen from among candidates that apply. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee spots, however, we will be happy to set up a wait list.

As a member of the Motina Books Review Team, you will receive early copies of future releases for free, available for download as a for your e-reader.

You have 14 days from receipt of ARC to post your review on Amazon (required) and Goodreads (required).

You must have an Amazon account in order to post reviews. You do not have to be in America for this. I will consider reviewers from other countries. You can set up an Amazon account here for free.

You must have a Goodreads account. You can set up a Goodreads account here for free.

You must be signed up to the author’s newsletter.

You will also need to purchase a Kindle version of the book from Amazon on launch day for 99 cents.

You will receive a reminder to post your review before the ten days is up, so don’t worry about forgetting!  Please note that the rating of a review does not influence your continued spot on the team. Not leaving a review does.

I got the book for free, does that mean I can pass it on?

No. That would be illegal. You cannot pass your ARC along to someone else, or share it, or upload it anywhere online. Uploading online is piracy, and files are sent with embedded information, so if they are passed along, we can track it.



To clarify, in order to sign up for the review team, you agree:

  1. That you are at least 18 years of age, and legally able to accept ARC’s for review.
  2. To share with me your basic information (real name, email address, Goodreads page, Amazon Page). This information will not be forwarded to any other parties, but will be added to an email list maintained by the publisher or author in order to provide you with ARC download links, and reminders regarding the ten day review terms.
  3. Within ten days of receiving the book to post a review online at Amazon (required) and Goodreads (required). If you feel like it, you can also post the review to iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or other places at your discretion, but you MUST post a review to Amazon and Goodreads.
  4. Include in all reviews the following line, ‘I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.’ This is required by the Federal Trade Commission.
  5. You will share information about the book on your social media sites.  We will provide you with lots of images that you can share.
  6. This is not the place to sign up to if you only want free books, that you may eventually get to. Spots are limited, and time limit will be enforced. Please consider other readers.
  7. Members are REQUIRED to submit the link to your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads to verify your compliance with the rules, and to keep your spot open. At the end of the ten days, you must email us at diane@motinabooks.com with the links to your Amazon and Goodreads reviews.
  8. If you are not active in posting reviews during the time period mentioned previously, you may be removed from the team without notice (see above re: wait-listed reviewers). In the event that something happens in your life (trust me, I know that life events occur), and you are unable to review for a period of time, just contact us at diane@motinabooks.com to let us know, and we’ll keep your spot open.
  9. Terms of membership may change at any time. We may end the review team at any time.
  10. That you will not pass on, upload online, share or pirate this ARC with anyone else.
  11. New sign ups and wait-listed readers will ONLY be contacted if a spot opens up.

Now that the not-so-fun-stuff is out of the way… FREE BOOK sounds great, where and how do I sign up?

If you’re still interested in being part of our Advance Reader Team, please complete the following form.  We will also send each of you an autographed Murphy’s Miracle bookmark!

I agree to all of the terms mentioned in this message. I am at lease 18 years old, I will leave an honest review of the book, I will purchase a Kindle copy for 99 cents on launch day, I will not share this Advance Reader Copy with anyone, I will share book information on my social media sites, and I'm happy to be added to the author's mailing list.

Thank you!  We really appreciate your help!