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Students learn many important things in school.  Unfortunately, learning how to write a resume and do well in an interview is not one of them.  How to Interview Like You’ve Done it Before provides step-by-step instructions on resume and cover letter writing, applying for your first job, what to wear to the interview, and much more.  It’s vital for young people to learn these life skills that they can use throughout their entire career.

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How to Interview Like You've Done It Before - Workbook Sections


Publisher: Motina Books

Your heart is racing.  Your palms are sweating.  It feels like the tie around your neck is choking you; it’s getting harder to breathe.  You glance across the room at the man sitting in the other straight-backed chair.  “Is he as nervous as I am?” you wonder.  He couldn’t be.  He looks so calm, so together.  He looks prepared.

Then you look at the young woman who is sitting a few seats away from you.  She looks relaxed, but she doesn’t look like she’s here for the same reason you are.  The jeans she’s wearing are certainly fashionable, but they’re full of holes.  Her shaggy hair looks like it hasn’t been combed for days, and the eyeliner around her eyes is so heavy, it looks like she has two huge black eyes.  She’s loudly chomping on some gum while she thumbs through the pages of a magazine.


The receptionist, seated behind her mahogany desk, finishes her telephone conversation and announces, “Mr. Smith?  You can go in now.”  Her voice sounds very loud in the quiet room.

You nervously rise from your seat, hoping you don’t trip over your own feet on your way to the meeting.

All of these people are waiting to have a job interview.  Which person do you think has the best chance of getting the job?  You, with the symptoms of your nervousness prominently displayed, the young man who is professionally dressed, or the woman who looks like she’s ready to hit the clubs?

It probably depends on the type of job.  What kind of job do you think these three people are waiting to interview for?

How to Interview Like You’ve Done It Before

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